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Finance Your Future and Get Benefit Now

Wealthlinks provides expert service to help you create a secure financial future. Regardless of your aim in life and the amount of money you earn, we can help you set up a long term strategy to create and maintain wealth using different financial tools.

For over the years we have helped people purchase their first home, refinance existing home loans, and purchase an investment property. We assist the self-employed with residential, business, and commercial leading. We provide vehicle and equipment finance and have access to a whole range of commercial leading solutions. We will provide seniors with equity loans and introduce new investment opportunities.

The client first is our motto, help everyone to achieve living & investment dreams is our mission.

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Financial Services
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Media & Technology
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Industrial & Business Services
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Renewable Energy
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Our Recent News
Commercial Loan Switch Campaign

Some bank have big campaign for commercial loans reimbursed fees from $2,500- capped $40,000 depended loan size and product.

Eligible switching costs are on a GST-exclusive basis and are as follows:

  • Valuation fees;

  • Legal costs;

  • Stamp Duty; and

  • Security registration and discharge fees.

  • Merchant break costs

Wealthlinks provided commercial leading service over 10 years, product from commercial property, business finance to all equipment finance.  

Contact us for detail.

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